After you have recovered from a near-death experience, what are some tasks/things you might want to consider doing promptly (not prioritized except for the first task to do).near death experience legal matters des moines iowa

  • Call your mother/father assuming they too have recovered from your near-death experience.
  • Call your favorite teacher/athletic coach/mentor and tell him/her or them how much you have appreciated her/him or them (you may need to assume that she/he or they remember you).
  • Invite your closest friend(s) to your home and share a bottle of really good wine or really really good Scotch with her/him or them.
  • Go to that favorite quiet place in the country you would go to as a youth and reflect/contemplate on whatever.
  • Adopt an “I will” attitude as opposed to an “I should” attitude.
  • Call a lawyer and review your Will or have a Will drafted if you do not have one. Also, consider a Financial Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney, Living Will, Directive Regarding Disposition of the Body.
  • If you think of any additional tasks(s) which you would wish to accomplish, list it/them for yourself.

by Ned P. Miller