Decision making – everyday has within it many decision-making challenges. Many of those challenges have a crucial moment where action needs to be taken. How do you process the moment? How will you process these moments for the upcoming tax season?legal tax help west des moines, iowa

At Beatty and Miller, P.C., we help our clients through many challenges and decision-making steps needed during tax time. The process we take, while general in its application, can help tremendously in making tax-based decisions or any important decision-making moment you may face.

The three stages of the decision-making process are as follows:

Awareness that a decision needs to be made – Most often, we are aware that a decision needs to be made at some time in the future. However, there are times when the awareness comes to us in an unexpected moment, we must rely on previous experience and judgement and act spontaneously.

Time spent and efforts of the decision-making process – We need to gather information, seek advice, gather resource information and pull all of this together to make a thoughtful, deliberate decision. We need to obtain credible and reliable information.

Implementation of a decision – This is often the most difficult process of decision-making. The act of implementing the decision must me a conscientious effort. You can implement the decision, defer the implementation of the decision until it MUST be made, or reflect on the decision that was made and go back and gather more information that you believe is needed to effectively implement it.

The most dangerous aspect of a decision-making process is to deny that a decision needs to be made or procrastinating the implementation. If a decision needs to be made, the process must be started – from awareness through implementation – to avoid any negative repercussions.

Give some thought as to how you can approach the decision-making process during this tax season. This process guide can be quite helpful when those tough decision-making moments come up.

Or better yet, when faced with your next difficult tax or legal decision, reach out to our office through the contact page of this website. We’re ready to help guide you to best implementation and results possible.

by Ned P. Miller